Boiler & Radiator Service

Are the radiators in your home acting up? Are you having trouble heating your home? You want to be able to recognize common warning signs that your radiator is struggling so that repairs can be made immediately.

Home Radiator Repair: 5 Warning Signs

  • Strange noises: A strange noise coming from your radiator is any noise you aren’t used to hearing when it is running. These noises include bangs, buzzes, rattling, humming, and groaning, and they can indicate different problems. Your radiator may need to be bled, or the air vent may need to be replaced. An HVAC professional can help you figure out what kind of noise you have and what it means.
  • Leaking: Radiators can leak because of seal and pressure issues, and homeowners who bleed their own radiators often report leaking afterwards. Leaking may require valve tightening or another repair.

  • Cold patches: Cold patches can indicate several different problems, depending on where they are located on the radiator. Cold patches can be caused by trapped air or the buildup of rust or sludge. This may require your system to be shut down and thoroughly cleaned and flushed.

  • Low heat: If your radiator is not getting hot, a variety of issues can be at fault. If all of your radiators are not heating (as opposed to just one), there may be a problem with your central heating system and boiler. If it’s just one radiator, that unit may need bleeding, valve repair, or powerflushing. Either way, it’s time to call a professional.

  • Slow heat: Taking a long time to heat up can also be caused by various issues. Your radiator may need bleeding, or the whole system may need to be rebalanced.

No Heat? Call Us for Home Radiator Repair: Memphis Area

If the radiator in your home has exhibited any of the warning signs described here, or if you have no heat in one or more radiator, it’s important that you contact an experienced HVAC team immediately. Call us at 901-752-1982 to schedule an appointment for service.